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Podiatry compliments my original career as a Registered Nurse and allows the nurturing part of my character to flow. Here at my Brisbane clinic, the best Podiatry clinic in Fairfield, the care is individualised, a holistic experience that allows knowledge from 20 years of Nursing experience to be utilised to it’s fullest potential, with focus to improve foot health, foot mobility and general foot function”

How To Stop Ingrown Toenails The Right Way

Ingrown ToenailDifferent Ways to Stop Ingrown Toenails, Right Way

In our daily lives, quite often we have to use sandals or sometimes stay bare feet. However, if there are ingrown toenails then, our feet look odd. Moreover, if we use socks and boots then many times, because of the ingrown toenails, the feet start to pain. Many are of the perception that for dry skin, smelly feet, neglected toenails, cracking heels, a pedicure is enough. That may be true but what happens if the person suffers from ingrown toenails? In this context, it is imperative to understand about the ingrown toenails. Read more

The 5 Myths About Fungal Nails

Myth and treatments For Fungal Nails

Toe nail fungus can be defined as a condition which disfigures the nail and can even destroy it altogether. It is also known as onychomycosis. There are different types of fungi that can be responsible for causing toenail fungus. Fungi are just microscopic organisms that are related to mildew and mold. The fungi that cause fungal nails flourish in environments that are dark, stuffy and moist. For instance, inside a shoe. The fungi feed on keratin as they grow. Keratin is the protein substance that constitutes the hard surface of toenails. Read more