Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics Fairfield Qld Orthotics are often a little of the unknown. Do you really need them?  Will they work? What makes one pair better than another? Orthotics are innersoles or shoe inserts designed to support the natural contours of

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Foot Surgery

Foot Surgery Fairfield Qld Nail surgery can be performed for a variety of reasons eg: biopsies, removal of tumours and avulsion of a nail plate for long standing fungal infection of the nail and in acute bacterial infections, These procedures

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Podiatrist for sports injuries

Football Injury Clinic Fairfield Qld

Football player foot assessment for prevention of injuries. Here at Adrenalin Podiatry, Podiatrist for sports injuries, All manner of injuries and treatments for all patients are attended.  However we do offer a full biomechanical assessment for Football/Soccer players. The aim

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