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Podiatrist for sports injuries
Podiatrist for sports injuries and treatments

Football player foot assessment for prevention of injuries.

Here at Adrenalin Podiatry, Podiatrist for sports injuries, All manner of injuries and treatments for all patients are attended.  However we do offer a full biomechanical assessment for Football/Soccer players. The aim of this assessment is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the athlete’s walking, running and playing style. This time allows for areas of concern for the player’s feet, ankles and knees to be highlighted and discussed in order to implement interventions that may assist with the prevention of injuries to the player.

All athletes and sports injuries.

The sports clinic component of Adrenalin Podiatry, Sports Podiatrist Brisbane, currently services mainly football players and dancers both male and female as this is a particular interest of the Podiatrist in Session. However All athletes are encouraged to visit and seek assistance for their sports related injuries. When visiting with the Podiatrist it’s important to always remember to bring to the consultation a current pair of sporting/exercise shoes as these can be assessed for ‘their story’, meaning that certain clues to the way that the patient walks or exercises can assist the Podiatrist with making informed decisions on care and proposed treatments.

 Injury prevention and rehabilitation.

The Sports Podiatrist, Fairfeld Clinic, uses a variety of prevention techniques ranging from simple padding and strapping of the foot to customisation of functional orthotic devices to alleviate stressors on the foot and to enable the foot to function with minimal risk to injury.

The main focus of the Sports Podiatrist Fairfield Clinic is to:

  • highlight potential for injury
  • to prevent possible injuries
  • to rehabilitate an injury in the safest and most efficient way
  • ensuring a safe return to sports.

For those athletes and players who have been injured, The rehabilitative process can often seem restricting and daunting, the athlete may fear an outcome that limits their play and participation for prolonged time periods.  Although Immediate attention to breaks, tears, ruptures and inflammatory processes is of significant importance, the added stress of injury and mental anguish that is often overlooked is taken seriously at Adrenalin Podiatry Sports Clinic. It is a well known fact that athletes who have the support of counselling have a more relaxed recovery period.  A holistic care plan encompassing all aspects of an athlete’s lifestyle can be generated to specifically suit them allowing for a rehabilitation process that ensures a more positive and individualised road to recovery and earlier return to the playing fields.

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Injuries seen regularly at the Sports Injury Clinic Brisbane are the usual ankle sprains of various grades, some requiring supportive strapping, Icing and reduced weight-bearing, Whilst others of more significant pain and inability to endure immediate weight bearing are often sent for Diagnostic  Analysis to determine grade of injury and to confirm possible breaks in bone.

Knees are more often than not a concern for football players.  Identifying potential injuries becomes by far one of the most important tasks prior to Football Season gaining full swing. Most Footballers will often comment that along with Muscle tears,  Ligament damage to Knees are the more concerning of injuries. Therefore Knee strengthening exercises along with supportive strapping and supported or controlled foot biomechanics are paramount to the hard playing footballer. Knee injuries are often slower to heal and a well planned rehabilitation process will ensure a more than satisfactory recovery.

Specialist Professional Referral Basis.

Here at Adrenalin Podiatry, sports injury clinic Brisbane, injured athletes are referred as required to other Health Professionals and Specialists to ensure successful, recovery.

For Example:

  • Physiotherapy clinics
  • Podiatrist for Sports Injuries.
  • Psychologist/Counselling
  • Sports Medicine Clinics
  • Biomechanical Expert Podiatrists
  • Dieticians
  • Orthopoedic Surgeons where Surgery may be required.
  • Football Coaches for technique refinement.

There is much value in coordinating an individualised plan of care for the injured athlete. Regardless of it being a simple sprain to a more limiting injury eg: such as an High Ankle Sprain. Here at Adrenalin Podiatry Clinic, Come and visit with our Podiatrist for Sports Injuries where all Athletes and all manner of Sportspeople are welcomed for preventative assessment and Injury treatment. You can be assured that attention to detail and Holistic treatment and care will be given.

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